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Taking Action: Clean Air's anti-pollution mission launch & thought leadership event

Updated: Feb 1

On Thursday 2nd November 2023, the Clean Air by Resysten team hosted its first and unique anti-pollution mission launch and thought leadership event at the Royal Air Force Club, London.

The event marked a significant step in our commitment to improving air quality and contributing to sustainable futures! Despite the weather, the day brought together eminent leaders from the realms of science, business, and government to unite and shed light on the pressing issue of air pollution, emphasizing collective responsibility and the urgent need for meaningful action.

The following presents a summary of the speakers, thoughts and actions from the day:

Anti-Pollution Mission Launch Topics & Speakers:

Theme #1 - Empowering Progress

The Institute of Air Quality Management's (IAQM) Commitment to Advancing Air Quality Science and Best Practices - Speaker: Chris Rush (Chair IAQM).

"The invisibility of this issue needs to be brought into plain sight!"
Chris Rush from the IAQM presenting

Theme #2 - London’s work on Air Quality and the ULEZ Expansion

Speaker: Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor Environment & Energy, Greater London Authority

"Toxic air is the biggest threat to public health and to hit WHO targets we must advance technology and innovation alongside policy"
Deputy Mayor of London, Shirley Rodrigues addressing the Clean Air Conference

Theme #3 The Impact of Air Pollution on Pollination – why bees don’t find flowers anymore?

Speaker: Professor Christian Pfrang (Chair of Atmospheric Science, University of Birmingham).

"Nine out of ten bees potentially do not find their destination flowers where pollution exists"
Professor Christian Pfrang explaining the impact of air pollution on pollinators

Theme #4 - Ella's Story

The Fight for Clean Air - speaker Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah CBE, World Health Organisation Advocate for Air Quality & Founder, The Ella Roberta Family Foundation.

"Air pollution is an invisible killer and the biggest environmental disaster of our time"
Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah CBE highlighting the importance of the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill

Theme #5 - Elevate for Clean Air; Visionary Approaches to Reducing Pollution

Speaker Matthew Gorman (Director Carbon Strategy, Heathrow Airport).

"It is essential to understand more about air pollution through great and more accurate local monitoring"

Theme #6 - Harnessing Sunshine and Catalysts for Clean Air - How sunshine and catalysts can clean the air we breathe.

Speaker: Professor Antony J Ryan OBE

"No-one owns the air, it's free and we take it for granted!"
Professor Antony Ryan explaining the photocatalytic science behind Clean Air

Theme #7 - #ResponsibleBusiness: Combating climate change through decarbonization and carbon offset projects.

Speaker: Joel Micheal, Climate-Tech Entrepreneur

Will Tyler in conversation with Joel Michael

The time for action is now!

If you hold a leadership position in the fields of sustainability, business, or government, we extend an invitation for you to get in touch with us. The attainment of WHO air quality standards is of paramount importance, and we must acknowledge that a hidden environmental crisis is lurking right in plain sight. Even though this issue may not be as visible as other forms of pollution, we should not hesitate to take action.

The scientific evidence is also well-established, and through our Clean Air product we possess a tangible solution that is not just a concept; rather ready for immediate large-scale deployment. Whether it is for application in buildings, transportation hubs, vehicles, or advertising displays, we have a ready-to-market solution.

Please reach out to us to engage in discussions about the critical challenges linked to air pollution and to advocate for collective efforts in achieving cleaner air for everyone -

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