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Our innovative Clean Air technology presents a vital solution for businesses and institutions grappling with air pollution challenges, especially those involved in transport, logistics, and VOC-generating activities. By effectively breaking down pollutants like nitrogen oxide, we provide a meaningful intervention to improve air quality.


The Clean Air coating technology holds immense potential for deployment across a diverse spectrum of verticals and business sectors. Specifically, Clean Air is designed to target industries that significantly contribute to emissions and air pollution through their operations. These sectors encompass but are not limited to transportation, manufacturing, energy production, construction, agriculture, and more.

Deployed through a growing network of officially licensed partners, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint associated with the activities of business, institutions and governments. The versatility and effectiveness of our coating also makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications, from vehicle fleets and industrial equipment to infrastructure and facilities. 

Outdoor Media

Signage and outdoor media are ideal surfaces for applying the Clean Air anti-pollution coating, effectively transforming passive structures into active contributors to removing air pollutants.

Live Events

Live events create short-term spikes in air pollution, making related vehicles, seating, staging, and graphics perfect surfaces for coating. Its fast application and effectiveness can drive an immediate  impact by removing pollutants right across event environments.

Property & Construction

Clean Air's coating empowers construction projects to enhance air quality, aligning with local air quality action plans and helping to remove pollutants from high emitting construction activities. 


Industrial processes, plants, transport, logistics, and extended supply chains significantly contribute to air pollution through vehicle emissions and industrial operations. Clean Air's coating presents a promising measure to alleviate this impact, aiding in cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Transport & Logistics

From aviation to logistics, the Clean Air anti-pollution coating is ideal for organisations seeking to intervene on their air pollution impact. Coating entire vehicles, curtain sides, and graphics presents simple and impactful intervention.

Retail Environments

Facades, shop windows, point-of-sale graphics, and promotional banners are prime surfaces in urban retail and shopping centre settings. Applying Clean Air can actively combat air pollution, aligning with sustainable retail initiatives.

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