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Breathing Life into Cities: Clean Air & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In the pursuit of creating healthier, more sustainable cities, Clean Air by Resysten has emerged as a groundbreaking solution, aligning seamlessly with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This photocatalytic nano-coating is designed to neutralise NOx and harmful VOCs, and stands at the forefront of a positive transformation for both businesses and governments committed to environmental stewardship and taking meaningful action. Here's how ...

An image showing a dense industrial urban environment

The Problem: Unveiling Urban Air Pollution

Urbanisation has brought unparalleled opportunities, yet it has also unleashed unprecedented challenges. Air pollution, particularly in the world's most densely populated cities, poses a severe threat to public health and the environment. NOx and VOCs, emitted by various industrial processes and vehicular activities, contribute significantly to the deterioration of air quality.

At this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) our team experienced first hand the positive interest and coming together of clean air advocates and those joining the fight against air pollution. It was also fantastic to learn of the new Breathe Cities that will now join London and Warsaw with a shared objective to unite for a reduction of air pollution by 30% by 2030.

Clean Air by Resysten: A Revolution Alongside the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Alongside policy, Clean Air, with its advanced nano-coating technology, emerges as a powerful intervention in the battle against urban air pollution. By neutralizing NOx and harmful VOCs, it not only addresses immediate health concerns but also helps stakeholders align with key SDGs, and by doing so emphasising their commitment to sustainable development.

A graphic showing the UN sustainable development goals

How Clean Air Aligns with SDGs:

  1. SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being: Clean Air significantly contributes to this goal by improving air quality, reducing respiratory illnesses, and promoting overall well-being among urban populations. In practical terms a 9sqm surface coated with Clean Air will neutralise the NOx created by an average vehicle for a whole year!

  2. SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: As a nano-technological innovation, Clean Air showcases how advancements in science can revolutionise the way business and whole industries approach environmental challenges. Clean Air is an easy and highly cost effective intervention on air pollution.

  3. SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities: The product's application in the world's most polluted cities directly supports creating more sustainable and livable urban environments and as we have seen at COP28 UAE further aligns to new clean air targets.

Benefits for Businesses:

Clean Air by Resysten presents a unique value proposition for businesses who increasingly understand their climate footprints and who are aiming to embrace sustainable practices:

  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Innovation Leadership: Establish industry leadership by adopting cutting-edge, sustainable technologies.

  • Immediate Action: Considering the health of employees and the communities where they are active.

Benefits for Governments:

Governments looking to proactively address urban pollution find Clean Air as a strategic ally and supporting technology to policy intervention:

  • Healthcare Cost Reduction: Improved air quality can lead to reduced healthcare costs associated with treating air pollution-related illnesses.

  • Sustainable Development: Align with global sustainability efforts such as the Breathe Cities movement to foster a positive image on the international stage.

Embracing Technology for a Greener Tomorrow:

Clean Air by Resysten exemplifies how embracing technology alongside policy can be a win-win for both businesses and governments. By aligning with specific SDGs, it not only addresses the urgent need for cleaner air in urban centers but also contributes to a sustainable future.

In the evolving landscape of environmental responsibility, Clean Air by Resysten stands as robust and scientifically proven solution. We are already looking at major advancements of our technology in 2024 - to find out more reach out at

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