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Taking Action This Clean Air Day

Cars and vans are the biggest source of toxic chemicals in our air, according to official data, while the World Health Organization estimates that every year exposure to air pollution is estimated to cause 7 million premature deaths! This Clean Air Day we're using our influence and voice to call on our next government to clean up our air!

Global Action Plan advert for Clean Air Day describing air pollution as the biggest environmental threat to health

The Biggest Threat to Public Health!

Air pollution can harm every organ in your body, causing heart and lung disease, dementia, and strokes and while people's susceptibility to pollution varies (certain people are more vulnerable to its affects including children, the elderly, and people with health conditions),

you may be exposed to higher levels of air pollution simply because of where you live – for example, if you live in a town or city, or near a busy road.

Clean Air Day 2024 is focused on the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are emitted everyday by cars, lorries and transportation, with a call to central government and local authorities to prioritize better options for travel and technologies to clean our air!

Introducing Clean Air GO!

Our vision at Clean Air by Resysten is to continue to develop and offer technology and innovation that can become part of the solution. Clean Air GO is our commitment this Clean Air Day, our new product optimised for shorter-term usage such as for fast moving advertising campaigns or live events. Alongside our UK partners and licensees, the launch of Clean Air GO will strengthen further the strides we’ve already taken to build social value by breaking down pollutants and improving air quality in our shared communities.

How to Take Action on Clean Air Day?

On Thursday, June 20 we're joining Global Action Plan to demand our next government that people want action against air pollution. By signing their petition you too can have a voice and prompt urgent action!

And Finally . . .

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Discover More About Clean Air by Resysten.

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